D.V. Ivanov, L.Yu. Kossovich, Y.E. Salkovsky et al, "Biomechanics of the Willis Circle Arteries"

Keywords: biomechanics, Willis circle arteries, aneurysm, hyperelastic material, Mooney-Rivling, finite element modeling, three-dimensional model.

The purpose of the study, presented in this paper, is to identify the hemodynamic and mechanical factors affecting growth, development and rupture of aneurysms. The solution of this problem will allow the evaluation of the blood flow in healthy arteries, and in arteries with aneurisms and make some recommendations for optimising the treatment of this disease.


14th CONFERENCE on HUMAN BIOMECHANICS is an International Conference of Biomechanics organized by the Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Czech Society of Biomechanics.

Kirillova I.V., Kossovich L.Y., Pavlova O.E., Salkovskiy Y.E. Modeling of Hemodynamics and Mechanical Behavior of Pathologically Tortuous Carotid Arteries

Treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases is one of the most challenging problems of modern medicine. Tortuosity of a carotid artery (CA) is a common pathology that may cause ischemic stroke. In this study, 3D FEM models with fluid-structure interactions of carotid arteries with pathological tortuousities of four main types (S-bending,C-bending, kinking, coiling) along with normal CA were built using a real 3D-geometry based on computer tomography data.

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