Aleksander S. Popel. Microvascular Mechanics, Regulation, and Hemorheology: the Scientific Legacy of S.A. Regirer

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It would be difficult to overestimate the scientific legacy of Sergei Arkadievich Regirer, who is widely regarded as the founder of Theoretical Biomechanics in Russia. His contributions are numerous and have proved to be fundamental to the field. Professor Regirer and his students and collaborators investigated a wide range of important biomechanical problems, from hemorheology to microvascular hemodynamics and regulation, soft tissue mechanics, biomechanics of tissue growth and remodeling, and models of collective behavior. This breadth of interest and deep knowledge of multiple fields made him a Renaissance man (particularly when combined with his knowledge of and love for literature, poetry and the visual arts). This review will attempt to analyze Sergei Arkadievich Regirer’s seminal contributions to hemorheology and microvascular mechanics and its regulation and follow the development of these subjects to the present day.


Department of Biomedical Engineering

School of Medicine

Johns Hopkins University


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Современные проблемы биомеханики. Выпуск 11.Издательство Московского университета, Москва, 2006

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